Love, and Other Thingies….

Ah Love, let us be true….for once again you have proven your delinquency. What say you to the crimes of heart disease and mass suicide, what say you to the reasoning behind the ruining of sanity and sight? You, dear creature, are not blind….for you see our downfall many times before you strike. And then we fall….into poetry and prose and personification of all our deepest and maddening desires….we fall to sin. Ah Love, let us be Frank….for he is saddened once more by his muse letting him go for a far younger and much less knowledgeable creature, one of chaos and irrational thought. “A plague on both your houses….”, is this what you have become….a threat to my world, this world, our world….crumbles constantly because of your ability to blur the lines between good and less good( a thought for another day perhaps)….ah, Love, let us be dishonest, again.

Bah, love, let us be rid of this befouling concept that we harbour deep within our bodies, our minds, our souls….may be at war in the heavens but down here we vie for control over what….the couch?? Trivial matters found all too frequently with the dying woman….the dying man….they die of….Heart Failure? This is not an attack, this is not some pathetic rant about the after effects of some silly relationship….this is confusion. Ah Love, let us be told of your plans. Lay them bare for us to pick clean so that we may know of our demise….Love, you are a thing of beauty….but you are broken. You are undoubtedly an entity of the ancient world that has come back to haunt us, with your Emerald tears from eyes of Ruby and Jet. Your hair rolling down the side of your face as your smile transports me to that place that I know I can never be….and I never will….be tranquil and without fear….dumbstruck….

Ah, Love, let us be through….for I tire of these words that will in the end mean nothing once you have laid your ever-caring claws upon my weary arms and legs. You take me to a place where I become….(God, this is horrible)….”What is Life but a world full of chaos, mystery and Love.” What breed of moron would ever say such a thing, oh wait, that was me. Love, you are a curse, an evil I have yet to explain in words that will no doubt be inexplicably irritating. Yes, you are evil….but a necessary evil….until we meet again my nemesis….


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