Reality Bites

Yes I stole the title, why, because it is truer than truth itself. We are in the movie, and the movie is in us….life is this miraculous film retold from our perspective. You are Leilani, I am Troy, she is Vicky and he is Michael blah blah blah. One thing to say about this side of the coin/screen/mirror, is that it sucks….but that’s why it is beautiful. Now this isn’t some review of Ben Stiller’s work of art, and it sure as heaven isn’t about the actors or the great Hollywow….it’s about you and me, cheesy huh? “Hello, you’ve reached the winter of our discontent….”

You’re in an elevator and it’s plummeting upwards at an alarming rate of 10 years per second….get that in your head for a moment (ignore the moronoxy). Your life is a blur, it’s still happening as I write this drivel and as you read it word for word. This isn’t negative, it isn’t positive, Clark Kent dies at the end along with Superman, but he was a hero, he saved countless lives while he was the Man of Steel….this is reality….I am a realist, I think. What happens when this ‘rat race’ ends and you’re stuck with old age, money, a failed marriage and 3 kids? You die, if you’re lucky. Ugh that was dark, my bad. If you’re one of the unlucky members of society you’ll just keep on living/suffering until your expiry date, which ain’t so bad if you think about it. Reality check, until that day arrives you’re destined to struggle in this blissful world of ours all the while beating the masses in search of ‘your place’ on this rock….you lemming you. This feels like a rant, but in truth it is really a, uhm, what’s the word….guidebook (yeah right).

Ever since I was a little Ninja Turtle, yes I said it, I have always felt a need to help, or change this world….why, don’t ask because I have absolutely no idea. From a typical superhero to that kid in Batman Begins, we all mean something….we all play a part in some way. I mean, sure, he becomes the Joffrey we all love in Game of Thrones, but think about what role he played in the Dark Knight’s rise to knighthood….Batman saved him in the movie, and that in turn brought a measure of peace to the hero….or did it. This is turning into mindless rambling….

I guess it is a ramble….so why read it, because you agree, you think these thoughts every day don’t you. These thoughts fill my head every waking hour of every single day. As much as I hate to say it, I do want to change this world, it’s boring. Life, death, happiness, fate, love, hate, dust, creation, sunrise, sunset….I swear we lost a bet somewhere in the Cosmic Unknown. The pursuit of happiness isn’t as difficult as we once thought, it’s a mere choice away. We choose to be sad, when sad things happen of course. We choose to be happy, when we’re happy….getting up for work versus, a day at home….one day of happiness for another filled with anger, irritation and stupid people. Oops, went a little negative there….now where was I….ah yes, lost in the infinite spaces between Saturn and Tatooine.

Choice….a simple thing, isn’t it. Terminal cancer, left with 2 choices….1. Live each day knowing you’re doomed to die and leave a trail of sadness and depression….2. Live each day like you have forever and give life a run for its money….hmmmm, what to do what to do….live….or die like you were meant to….

Reality Bites….because we allow it to, because deep down it’s all we know. We take time out of our day to escape sometimes, to let go of this world and fall into another. To watch someone else live, as we would want them to live. We criticize them and make choices for them….and when they don’t comply we are left helpless, furious….so we change the channel. Oh look Serendipity is on, reruns of a 90’s sitcom….the Travel Channel, escape to another country for an hour at a time. Or perhaps you would love to wield a sword for an hour, or two….summon creatures to do your bidding….slay a Dragon here and there….save the galaxy, one planet at a time.

Look in the mirror, you’re not normal, you never were….you’ve already made a difference. When you were born you changed the world, the world of your parents, your family. Who knew that one day you’d be running for mayor, juggling three jobs as you put yourself through University or working at a prestigious accounting firm….you lemming….look deeper, find the stars, the light that burns brightly within your soul….cheesy enough for a few crackers, but true….

Save the galaxy young padawan, one second, one day, one week….one person at a time….start with yourself….

The Beginning


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