We Are Lost Within

A little something i wrote back in 2011….rather strange, words from a different me. But that’s just the thing about poetry isn’t it. One day you could be writing about the ups and downers of everyday life, when all of a sudden a bout of anxiety or confusion hits….and BoOm!! You’re writing about Trees or that funny feeling you get when a cat stares at you….anyway. There shall be more appearing over the next few weeks, mostly on my Poetry page….uhmm, enjoy??

We Are Lost Within

Perhaps I was mistaken
And we are all just here
Maybe I was foolish to think
That I had a purpose
That life existed for
A reason

We see them smile everyday
Maybe they have all the answers
But they know not how
To explain
Would we understand anyway
If they tried

Maybe we’ve forgotten
What it was like to live
To breathe fresh air everyday
And move about with unspeakable
Life was not always like this
Pathetic and
It was not always a chore
We had reason to wake up every morn
We had reason to play with them
These children
That know it all

Perhaps they’ll tell us one day
What we’ve been doing wrong
Which path we should have taken
Then we’ll know
Then we will go out into the world
And be free
From the boredom
The questions
We’ll have our youth back
We’ll move with an energy
Not like before
Life will be happy

And we will change

And the children will teach us
How to love
And live
And why we exist
For they are the answer
The earth is within them
Eternal life
And love

Perhaps I was confused
And the world is ok
We are ok

And I will be a child again


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